Nominee from Upper Austria

The Polytechnic School Linz 1 was awarded as the best school because they built a whole city out of pellets. The fifty pupils at the age of 14 and 15 years carried out the project in a multidisciplinary way. They planned the design and landscape and even baked edible pellets in their cooking lessons. The city was presented to the public during an open day.

Pellets, Pellets, Pellets

At the end of 2007, the Oberösterreichischer Energiesparverband (ESV) in cooperation with Pellets Partners, members of the network “Green Energy”, initiated a competition around pellets. 1159 pupils of various school types were asked to fashion anything which had to do with pellets. As the contest was of a creative nature, the pupils submitted a wide range of pieces including everything from drawings to poems and even a whole city built from pellets.

Since the competition involved various kinds of school types, the organisers decided to award each age group separately. Hence, six school projects were awarded, winning cash prizes between 300 and 3000 Euros.

Competition in 2007

Organised by: ESV
Launched: 12 December 2007
Kind of competition: Creative
Target group: Pre-, primary-, secondary-, polytechnical- and vocational-schools, 3-18 years
Region: Upper Austria
Participation: 73 entries

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